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Bald Keepers

Dear the Totally Football Show boys,

Really been enjoying the podcast so far, it’s great to hear Jimbo again after the crude axing of EFS. Anyway I know the guys are always looking for an obscure stat so I thought I’d hit you with one that is almost so obscure it’s ridiculous; over the past 35 years, when the United States national football team fields a bald goalkeeper, they are 57% more likely to win the game than when they field a non-bald goalkeeper. In addition, just 11% of USMNT games since 2000 have featured non-bald goalkeepers – wacky.

I’m a 17-year old journalism student and did, indeed, write an article about this very phenomenon, it’s laden with puns (it would be rude not to) so should you feel it in your bones to read about this in more detail you can – here. Either way, I hope that my trivia titbit has served, in some way, to enrich your life and, potentially, the show.

All the best,
Oliver McManus

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for the stat! Hopefully we’ll send some people to your article! (Iain)



Really enjoying the pod.

Can you please have Leroy on every pod.

Thank you
William McCoy 

Thanks for the kind comments! Rest assured, Leroy will be back before too long! (Iain)


Shoutout to a great west-country derby on Saturday, as Forest Green came from two down to beat Yeovil 4-3. Veggie burgers all round.

Also, in another instalment of your coincidental footballing names – Kyle Walker(-Peters) and John Collins/Collins John – the home side won another contest, as Reece Brown managed to score for Forest Green, while Rhys Browne couldn’t find the net for Yeovil.

Nick Hobbs

Can anyone do better than this? (Iain)

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