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Dear Totally Football Show,

AC Jimbo was most impressed by Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez scoring 38 goals in his career in the premier league all from inside the penalty area but it’s surely also worth giving a shout out to the great Hugo Sanchez, who scored 38 goals in La Liga in one season (1989-90) all of which were with scored with just one touch.

P.S. It’s good to hear new additions like Kelly Cates and Leroy Rosenior with football podcast mainstays like Rafa Honigstein and Philippe Auclair.

More Names

Following on from the Kyle Walker (Peters) and John Collins/Collins John chatter last week, I have another entry for the name game.

Celtic over the years have had two players called John Hughes. The original, born in 1943, was nicknamed ‘Yogi’ because of his bear like stature. He was a star in the 1960s and was a member of the wider squad when the club won the European Cup in 1967.

In 1995, the club then signed another John Hughes (born in 1964, no relation). He was also nicknamed ‘Yogi’ after his namesake. Yogi II was not so successful.

During a recent charity match at Celtic Park, the commentary team on Premier Sports noted that John Hughes was on the team sheet. They were staggered when Yogi put in a storming performance with many gut bursting runs from box to box. They couldn’t believe he was still so fit at the age of 73 competing with men who were decades younger than he!

However, they had clearly not carried out any research, nor been to an optician for a long time, as it was a 52 year old Yogi II who was playing on the day. See the article below:

Ian from Glasgow



Dear lovely lads from The Totally Football Show,

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on your new podcast. I listened to That Other Pod for many years. I organized my listening for the days I had the longest commute to work so I could savor it. The new show is great & the mix of guests fantastic. You seem to have been let loose from whatever confines the Guardian had and we are luckier for it. Thank you for featuring a woman (!) TWICE in one month on the pod. May you continue to be not as pale & male as every other football podcast/media outlet in the universe. Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of ladies out there who love football just as much as you do and have plenty to say. So, please keep finding ways to bring more diverse voices into the show. This is even more important in light of the Aluko story this week.

Finally, congrats on hitting the big time as evidenced by the fact that I get geographically customized pre-pod adverts for things in Minnesota (so very far away from London and Cornerstone razor commercials). Hopefully this means you are earning enough cash to keep the show going. On a side note: I do confess to missing UK-based advertisements for things I am not at all likely to buy in person or online (re: Cornerstone razors).

All of this is to say: best of luck in the season ahead and may your success continue!




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