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Wonder Wall

I was interested to hear about the first ever wall against a free kick in 1948 and Danny Blanchflower’s involvement.

The only problem was that Danny didn’t make his International debut until 1949.
Gerry Prewett


FC Yats

Imagine my sheer delight while quietly eating my lunch in the beautiful town of Pori, I hear over my headphones that FC Jazz get an honourable mention on your fine podcast.

As an Englishman living in Finland, it is a constant source of disappointment to me that football is often overshadowed by the more popular ice hockey (yawn). At least I’ve got you and your (and other *cough* guardian) footy podcasts to keep me going.

Anyway I thought that you may like to know the proper pronunciation of ‘FC Jazz’ in Finnish. So ‘J’ is pronounced like we say a ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ is pronounced like ‘TS’. So phonetically written it’s pronounced ‘af se yats’. They play in red and their main rivals in the town of Pori are ‘Musa FC’ pronounced ‘Moosa af se’.

Anyway, hope this info is of use to you, and I’m sure you would all be welcome to the annual Pori Jazz festival. This years was the best one yet with the likes of Joe Gonzalez, Jamaraquai and Herbie Hancock performing.

Give me a mention to make my week and best regards from Pori.

Gregg Adams


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