Episode Forty Four,

The Bull of War, the caretaker manager bounce and the darts at Frimley Green

January 11, 2018

On today’s super soaraway Totally Football Show, James Richardson is joined by Michael Cox, Football 365’s Daniel Storey and – making his debut – the New York Times’ Rory Smith. Here’s what the gang are chewing over.


• PART 1: League Cup look back; Bristol City love; Liverpool v City preview (02m 40s)

• PART 2: Transfer news; Cenk Tosun; Tottenham v Everton; Spain’s answer to Pulisball (11m 55s)

• PART 3: Chelsea v Leicester; Iwobi’s ‘unacceptable’ partying; (25m 25s)

• PART 4: AVB out of the Dakar Rally; Shrewbury/Shroosbury; the Rooney Rule; the darts at Frimley Green; sporting nicknames (32m 5 0s)

• PART 5: reviewing VAR’s first week; touchline bans; more PL previews; poor Renato Sanches (43m 05s)

• PART 6: Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot (57m 20s)

• PART 7: Adios and the answer to Jimbo’s teaser (61m 00s)


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