World Cup Preview 2,

Totally World Cup – Groups D, E and F previewed

June 07, 2018

Daniel Storey, Jack Lang, James Horncastle and Matt Davies join Jimbo to talk Brazil, Argentina, Mexico et al. Plus, Rafa Honigstein on Sané-less Germany; Stefan Agustsson on Iceland’s World Cup adventure; and Frida Fagerlund on Sweden post-Zlatan


• PART 1a: Group D: Argentina – reliant on Messi, but do they get the best out of him? (02m 00s)

• PART 1b: Group D: Croatia – it’s all on Modric (09m 30s)

• PART 1c: Group D: Nigeria – problems in goal, problems in front of goal (10m 50s)

• PART 1d: Group D: Iceland – Gylfi, thunderclaps and more with Stefan Agustsson (14m 30s)

• PART 2a: Group B: Brazil – are they over the 4-1, and are they less reliant on Neymar? (20m 00s)

• PART 2b: Group B: Serbia – time for SMS to break out? (25m 00s)

• PART 2c: Group B: Costa Rica – same squad, 4 years older (28m 30s)

• PART 2d: Group B: Switzerland – a good bet for second place? (30m 00s)

• PART 3a: Group C: Sweden – Frida Fagerlund on the post-Zlatan era (31m 00s)

• PART 3b: Group C: South Korea – the whipping boys (35m 00s)

• PART 3c: Group C: Mexico – look out for Chucky, but are they are on a hiding to nothing? (36m 00s)

• PART 3d: Group C: Germany – Rafa Honigstein on why they’ll take some stopping, or will they suffer the curse of the Confederations Cup? (39m 00s)

• PART 4: World Cup odds with Paddy Power’s Lee Price (44m 00s)

• PART 5: Answers to our World Cup brainteaser (45m 40s)

• PART 6: Exeunt omnes (50m 20s)

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